Welcome to Hotrod House of Entertainment. Established in 1997. Hotrod started off as a small entertainment outfit founded by Michael Mutisya Mwendwa. Over the years Hotrod has grown to become one of the leading companies in the entertainment sector providing for amongst others music and video production, live music and event management services.

Hotrod Entertainment and its proven staff of entertainment professionals create and execute memorable social events specializing in cutting edge entertainment design. We are no strangers to successful corporate events and continue to push the envelope of unique and contemporary entertainment experiences.

Experience provided by each of our staff of 40+ year veterans of the entertainment industry put their skill and collective knowledge to work for each and every client.

Personalization, attention to detail and the ability to listen allow your staff to work closely with you, your planner or committee in the creation of your special event.

Live Entertainment

Hotrod has various bands ranging from duets, three piece to six piece including guitarists, pianist, drummer, singers, dancers, percussionist and saxophonist amongst others. Our band members who have a wealth of experience can play a wide repertoire of music ranging from current top hits, rumba, jazz, genge, zilizopendwa, contemporary hip hop, rock, soul and neo-soul. We will happily customize according to clientele requirements.


Whatever size and type of band you require, Hotrod will provide.


Dazzling vocalists, powerful musicianship, captivating choreography, sharp looks and superior charisma equate to exceptional entertainment from Hotrod Band! Our club, dance and event bands are trained in “The Art of the Party” and have your whole night covered! From planning and managing the event to packing the dance floor, booking with Hotrod means you can enjoy the special moments with your guests worry free!

Hotrod has a team of well experienced DJs’ with the capability of spinning music ranging from jazz, neo-soul, genge, kapuka, reggae, soul, hip-hop, salsa, old school, blues, rock just to name a few.

All Hotrod DJs are trained to look, act and entertain appropriately for every occasion. We’ll mix it up with your guests and get everyone motivated to dance. We don’t just “show up” for your party. We meet with you months in advance to properly plan all the special moments that will be part of your ultimate event.
Hotrod DJs add their unique talent to events of any kind, such as elaborate corporate outings and weddings to bar and birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and more. Hotrod DJs are loaded with tunes from every genre. We’re experts in blending an array of sounds and styles into one performance. While we plan our play list months in advance, we always encourage requests at the event. Hotrod DJs are experts at keeping the party going using the perfect blend of musical selection and party enhancements. We go above and beyond to make sure the party goes longer than expected and lasts even longer in your guests’ memories.

To ensure a well organized event Hotrod can provide a master of ceremony from a team of well known and experienced mc’s.

A professional Master of Ceremonies does more than just make announcements.

In the words of highly acclaimed Master of ceremonies trainer Mark Ferrel, a professional Master of Ceremonies is ‘Someone versed in all ceremonies and masterful in the execution of them’

Someone who will preside over your wedding reception. A representative or ‘spokesperson’ for the event. Someone who is visible and accessible, but not the centre of attention. Someone who works closely with all of your vendors and event management prior to and on the night, to ensure that every ‘signature moment’ is delivered with maximum impact and captured by your photographer and videographer for maximum effect.

And perhaps most importantly of all, who entertains your guests through the use of staging, movement, transition and structure!

Then Hotrod has the perfect pick poolof proffessionals for you.

We can provide a diverse group of dancers. From traditional dancers, salsa shakers, step makers and any other special requests such as skit dancing. We can meet your needs.

Offering the best in digital production our state of the art production can handle studio voice over recording to live chorus music, recording with live bands to mastering and the final production including duplication, CD face and booklet printing.

Your event logistics are managed and coordinated. To get the most out of your event we assume nothing. We define then refine then refine some more until we give you more than the results you need.

Every detail is acknowledged and attended to. Working together, we then produce an event that lingers in the memory of your audience.

Equipment Hire

Hotrod has a range of public address systems from indoor, outdoor to mobile requirements. With our state of the art system we are able to handle an audience capacity of over 100,000 in venues such as stadiums, concert halls, conference halls etc. We have our own specialized trucks and heavy duty power generators to light up your life anywhere in Kenya. We also provide advanced stage with full lighting to make your events truly mobile.